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Some are harder than others. Pick one that fits you.


For when you're wondering what to do at the end of practice

The Megzilla:

  100 crunches

  8 mountain climbers, 2 push ups x3

  100 crunches

  30 Leg raises

  100 crunches

The Alessandro

The Nair


Upper body

Yes, runners can have upper body strength

Body weight

  Push ups

  Pull ups


Free weights

  Bicep curls

  Farmers (Just hold weights for several minutes)

  Bench (Laying down. Same motion as benching)

  Tricep Extensions

  Vertical Bench

  Butterfly (Laying down, bring weights together and          with arms fully extended away from your body)


  Bench Press

  Shoulder Press

  Chest Press

  Bicep Curl

  Tricep Extension

  Lat Pulldown

  Rear Delt/Pec Fly

  Seated Row

  Lateral Raise

Whole Body

Because why make one part of your body sore, when you can make the whole thing!

At the track


  Bear crawls

  Frog leaps

  Inch worms

  Dead Bugs

At the gym

  Go to the second floor and do every machine      around the inner staircase. 3 sets of 10 reps


When you realize you've skipped leg day for the past 2 years

The 2 day sore

  Go to a track

  Do 100m of lunges

  Directly followed with 100m of side squats

  You may stop at any time, but must do calf        raises for the duration of your break

The "Can't walk tomorrow"

    45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest


  Speed Skaters

  Long Jumps

  Bird Dogs

  Pistol Squats


  Heel Raises

  One Legged Hops

  Side Lunges



Part of every good workout

Head to Toe:

  Neck back and forth

  Neck side to side

  Shoulders rotate backwards

  Shoulders rotate forwards

  Arms rotate forwards

  Arms rotate backwards

  Trunk Twists


  Leg swings back and forth

  Leg swings side to side

  Right ankle

  Left ankle


The Gambone Stretches:

  Heel toe walks

  Calf stretch

  Lunges w/ twist

  High knees

  Butt kicks

  A skips

  2 strides if workout